Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome

Welcome to the mitral valve prolapse syndrome information and support Web site. You will find expanded resources for hospitals, books, Web sites, foundations, and non-profits, social media, and my personal blog that offers topics on nutrition, exercise, panic and anxiety, and trending issues all related to mitral valve prolapse.

The newly revised and updated companion book, Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome: A Patient’s Perspective, offers updated information on the former requirement for prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental visits, new information regarding valve repair versus replacement, as well as an inside look into the demise of the former MVPSupport community.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with — or thinks they may have — mitral valve prolapse will benefit from the book’s advice on getting a proper diagnosis, an explanation of the condition, symptom self-help, dealing with panic and anxiety, advice for family and friends, finding or creating a support group, mitral valve prolapse resources, personal stories from those who are dealing with mitral valve prolapse symptoms, and so much more.