To take vitamins, or not to take vitamins, that is the question

One day you’ll see a research study saying some food is amazing for you and the next day you’ll see one saying it will kill you. Vitamins fall into this category as well. Now, we all know that the best way to get any particular vitamin or mineral is through its food-source instead of a supplement. But if your diet is lacking the foods needed, then a supplement may have to do.

I’ve been scared to take vitamins for the most part. I don’t like taking anything — medications, vitamins, minerals, etc. (Most of us with MVPS are alike in this regard.) I’m more concerned with the possibilities of harm when going overboard than I am with the possible benefits of making sure I get enough. We really have no way of knowing what we’re already getting in our diet, so I’ve been reluctant to potentially hurt myself by taking more than I need. This is especially true when it comes to things like vitamin A and calcium.

Some of the vitamins and minerals I’ve recently looked into are fish oil/krill oil/flaxseed oil for omega 3s, chromium, potassium, chloride, prebiotics, probiotics, magnesium, vitamin D, and iodine. Since I’ve been on a diuretic since 2007, I’m especially concerned with my electrolytes. I’ve also switched over to sea salt, so I’m concerned about not getting enough iodine. And since I’m afraid of the sun, my vitamin D is deficient.

Everyone has different needs and concerns, but for me personally, I’d rather err on the side of caution. For that reason, my daily multivitamin is Flintstones Complete instead of some fancy grown-up version of a multivitamin with mega doses of everything. Flintstones Complete gives me my vitamin C, vitamin D, all my B vitamins, folic acid, iron, zinc, and iodine. And the level of calcium in it is very low, which I’m happy about. On top of my Flintstones Complete, I also take a weekly dose of 50,000IUs of vitamin D (until the deficiency is corrected), and a daily dose of 375mg of magnesium taurate (spread out over the course of a day), which has does wonders for curing my sweet tooth.

I looked into fish oil/krill oil/flaxseed oil, but there is so much conflicting information, I’m not sure any of these supplements are worthwhile. I also tried probiotics, but they gave me horrendous indigestion.

For now, I think I’ve found my “happy mix” of vitamins and minerals, and I’ll leave the rest of the pill bottles for someone else.

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