Death from MVP – ITsN

This woman’s doctor(s) failed her, and someone should be sued.

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I have been diagnosed with MVP for over 20 years. I started a large informational and support Web site for MVPS patients in 1997, which is now I am a professional writer, with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a master’s degree in English. I currently live in North Carolina with my husband, son, and a spoiled little Chihuahua.


Death from MVP – ITsN — 2 Comments

  1. The article says she died of cardiac arrest due to mitral valve prolapse. It doesn’t give any information regarding her diagnosis, like if she had always known she had MVP or if it was diagnosed post-mortem. If she had always known she had MVP, she should have been monitored; and if she didn’t know she had it, it should have been caught at some point. If she knew and didn’t pay it any attention to it and didn’t get it treated, then no one helped her to understand how dangerous it was to be left untreated. Either way, it seems her doctors failed her.