Back when I was young and weighed next-to-nothing, I always felt like I was going to faint. I had low blood pressure and was extremely sensitive to heat. The first time I remember fainting was when I was about 12, after a very hot shower. Summer heat also affected me, and I found it difficult to stay hydrated during the summer months.

I remember when I was a junior in high school they made us play flag football one very hot day during PE, and I remember telling the teacher that I didn’t feel well. She didn’t care, “everyone had to play!” So I went out there and started playing and started to get lightheaded. I told her again that I didn’t feel well but she insisted everyone participate. After 15 or 20 minutes, I fainted from heatstroke and the school had to call an ambulance.

When I came to, I was inside the school, on the wonderfully-cold floor right next to the water fountain, and they were splashing cold water on my face. By the time the ambulance came I was drinking some water and starting to feel better.

Ever since this incident, I carried Gatorade with me everywhere I went during the summer months, every year. If I didn’t have Gatorade with me, I had a plan for how to get it should I need it. Once I made that connection, I never fainted again from exposure to heat (though I did still faint for other reasons).

Gatorade “fixed” me every time, whereas water sometimes made me feel even worse. The only thing water did for me was to cool down my core temperature a bit, but it did nothing to replace the minerals I was losing due to sweat, and it didn’t cool down my temperature enough.

Since then I’ve always sung the praises of Gatorade. If any of you are also prone to fainting spells during the summer (or during exercise in general), take my advice and always have some Gatorade with you!

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